About Me

I am, by profession, a Botanist.

However, bored by that moniker, I pondered, “What do I REALLY want to be?” After careful reflection only two clear careers choices remained. At age 51, I was unsure whether to choose Pirate or Ninja as my new career path.  One the one hand (literally) Pirates get cool hook hands. On the other hand, (figuratively), Ninjas have awesome smoke bombs. Pirate? Ninja? HEY! I’m 51 – who is going to ground me if I throw smoke bombs with my hook hand?? PINJA! Cha-ching! So now I come forward proudly as a Pinja who knows way too much about plants and ecosystems.



1 Response to About Me

  1. Dear Pinja, Can we never speak of ecosystems? Thanks in advance, C&F

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